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It’s 11:36:66,
Heavy metal music booming my ear drums,
I am in a phase where I am reflecting if I am going to heaven or hell,
trying to recite the names of the enemies I have made,
Cueing my favorite song and having a party with my sad emotions,
my brain keeps telling me to slash my wrist,
I am dancing on a bed, i can only see images of a belly dancer,
or I am in a stage where people are screaming my name in fear,
Closing my eyes and all I can see is dead people,
it’s like I might have blood in my hands,
and in my Forties have PTSD or Insomnia.
But by morning I am awake,
it is 5:36:66,
at the end,
the phase continues like how the earth goes.
Maybe the only true rest I might have is when I am 6 feet under,
That’s the greatest joy,
My last note before this expensive Rope ends it
My Psychopathic episode all started around 11:36:66.

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  1. Bro keep going.

  2. Darrrrk…This is really nice Jamie

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