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infatuation at first sight,
Hopes of happily ever after,
too many Disney’s expectations.

Shy smiles,
Holding of hands is a school crime,
everything will be okay with time,
Juvenile love.

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First fight
feelings sour,
At 14 asking for relationship advice,
Starving myself because of a boy

Tempted to have my first kiss
shy smiles,
all our mutual friends are happy For us.

Feelings hopeful
Plans of raising a family
Thoughts so childish

New experience,
Different boys
freedom to have Fun,
legs spread,
Heart broken.

Final Year,
Had the best times with boys,
behaviours stick
temptation creep,
High school crush making waves.

The real world,
Expectations Sky high
no future partner
but this boy is a Gun,
University behaviors find their way in again.

gotten a ride
Nice apartment
Saved my boyfriend’s name as D-Boy

a nice ring to my finger
looking back at my past
laughing through the juvenile Period.

my female child going through the same,
confiding in me and and all I can say
It’s the “Juvenile period, be careful of your choices lay a better bed or you will lie on rough sheets”

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  1. Good one

  2. Simple and thoughtful .
    Nice poem

  3. Wow

  4. This had me smiling and thinking at the same time. Impressive

  5. You’re the best

  6. Thanks so much people. I appreciate❤️

  7. Dope

  8. I love this one in particular.. well done bro, go ahead and take over the world with words

  9. Wow
    Simple and thoughtful
    I love it

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