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One whose heart is made of gold.
One whose dignity cannot be sold.
One who isn’t scared to face her fears but stands bold.
One whose love for God can never grow cold.

One who is not always obsessed with cash.
One who can take away your penury in just a flash.
One who is not loosed.
One whose rate of loyalty cannot be reduced.

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One who prays but doesn’t pray.
One whose “slaying” won’t lead me astray.
One who won’t be used like a public toilet.
One who can intercede for me even in her closet.

One who won’t drive me to my doom like an Uber driver.
One who won’t strip me of my happiness like a stripper.
One who will be able to turn my sorrow into Joy.
One who won’t play with my emotions like a toy.

One who will not expose her privates like uncovered food.
But will expose Jesus as the Light in my neighborhood.
One whose lifestyle won’t give me high blood pressure.
One who won’t just see me as her man, but as her priceless treasure.

One who will judge me innocent even when found guilty of a crime.
One who won’t make my life taste as sour as a lime.
One who won’t make my responsibility as a man irresponsible.
One who will make my dreams and aspirations achievable.

One who won’t get me distracted from God.
One who won’t dupe me of my blessings like a fraud.
One who will give my journey of life an heavenly cruise.
One who won’t make me become the devil’s muse.

One who will understand my kind of person.
One who won’t teach me a very bitter lesson.
One who will defend me when I am in trouble.
One who will make my yoke easy even in my struggle.

One who is virtuous.
One who is not self righteous.
One who will help me discover myself.
One who won’t make me hate myself.

.One who won’t be shy to show me love in public.
One whose affections towards me won’t be bleak.
One who will elevate my hopes and not my fears.
One whose act of kindness will wipe away my tears.
One who won’t think like a girl, but like a woman.
One who won’t be a woe to me as a man.
One who will love me deeply.
One who will love me extremely.

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