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“Dear Nana, it’s Me.
The Man you once Looked into his eyes
and saw the whole world.
The Father of your unborn fruit of our togetherness,
The man who is breaking the promise of growing old beside you.

Hey Nana, I am Back,
but not in Flesh, but spirit,
because,by the moment you are reading this,
You should be seeing Twelve Gun holes and maybe Two more on my fore head.

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But Nana, Stop crying,
The sounds of guns were my Break fast and lunch, running and hiding in this forest was my dinner.
if you pick this letter from my bloody Breast pocket, let a Smile come after those tears.

Nana,My love,
For I also killed people to ensure I am.back with you,it seems those who kill shall be killed.
I know your emotional War is Suicidal, I know I won’t make it back.

Nana, promise me,
I want fresh flowers on my grave Two times a year
and our Boy or girl visiting me at my Tomb post.
I know I am in no position to ask for a promise,because I broke the last one.

One last thing Nana,
I want you to Smile everyday,
for remember me not as this bloody memory
but as the man who Fought to keep you and them safe.

Yours truly, Shamimi Loves and kisses Nana”.

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  1. you are a sad sad man… But nice work tho

  2. So emotional and lovely.

  3. Emotional and soo touching ♥️
    Nice one

  4. But me am not comfortable with all these ur poems about death o.

    Stop reasoning towards that direction.

    Am saying this from past experience bro

  5. Beautiful and sad at the same time.

  6. Hmm.. The death note of a badass

    Weldon man

  7. So captivating!
    Well curled bro.

  8. Its emotional but interesting poem God bless you

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