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  1. Purple Heart(Intro)

A ruler in the rule,
a sinner in the sin
My heart is purple
but my eyes are clean.
The pain that I feel,
the evil that i see,
the smile in the struggle
is all that we need.
The purple in the Heart,
the heart that is purple
the little Introduction,
a gun in a puzzle.

2. Beautiful Psycho.

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I make you feel special,
I make you feel good,
i make you feel awesome,
whether a cleaner or a cook.

I make you feel happy,
I make you sad,
I make you feel beautiful,
I do all that because am psycho sad.

A nice talk is what i need,
a nice talk to roll up my sleeve,
a nice talk to take out my weapon,
and strike you at a fast speed.

The Beauty in my sickness,
am a ruler of my land,
killing your feelings is what I crave for,
that’s all I can have.

My heart is less,
less purple than my violet chest,
my fake smile is one of the best,
I used it to pass your little test.

The singing in my anthem,
the rhythm in my beat,
the murder on my mind
the purple in my heart.

3. Religion

I hate Religion, because there are these Christians,
who Preach on Sunday and Sin on Monday,
steal on Tuesday and kill on Wednesday,
let’s not forget how they are Hypothetical on Thursday and party on Friday.

These Christians are the ones who seat in the front,
the pastor asking the Congregation for special support we all know they are the ones.
the poor people looking up to them like a second god,
the whole Congregation stretch them like my vocal Cords.

These are the Christian that act holier than thou,
the same Christians make dirty deeds and Vows,
the same Christian that will never admit their wrongs,
the same one you and me see in a Royce.

They are role models on the outside but need role models on the inside,
they are no better than the Jews nor the gentiles,
they are not even better than my shoes or my slippers,
because they need to be polished else, they are just sinners.

I hate Religion because they are these Christians,
who exploit the poor of their little hustle,
enriching themselves to the brim like water in a bottle.
like hot water in a kettle, they Boil Hot
And spit words more dangerous than a venom.

We humans are the cause of our Separate religion,
some will rather die than live in his kingdom,
Others are striving to make it to the kingdom,
others create their Kingdoms here and end up six feet under their Kingdom.

Is religion just an illusion?
I will rather practice and get my answer in his Kingdom.

4. Untold of Chukwu.(Extended Rap version)

When the Civil war struck the village of Idi Igbo,
The time a little boy Chukwu was born nearly Four,
His father fought beside ojukwu in the civil war,
So bloody that the village was covered with the blood,
of innocent men who fought in the war
Their wives now widowed they have lost hope.

Now everyone hates Hausa to the core
Ibos eat Vegetables every single month,
Children stayed at home because of insufficient funds.
what I mean is, Schools were destroyed in the war.
My uncle was rewarded for killing an Ibo whore,
who scammed him of money in a brothel.

But this Ibo woman was a mother of Four,
Chukwu was her first son, he is just a boy
The rage chukwu had pushed him in the army Force,
now he thinks revenge is the best medicine for the poor.

5. The Boy

All the boy wants is to be free,
free from the pressure we see
free to choose coffee over tea
the boy wants to be free to feel.

The world is waiting for the boy,
the boy to grow to be a man
the boy to take over the world and control
the boy to become a gun and destroy

But the boy doesn’t want to be heartless
the boy has to learn the laws of the world
the boy wants to be free to smell flowers
the boy wants to be free to build towers

The society is waiting for the Boy,
the boy to take his place in society
the boy must get ready to loose his
the boy must get ready to be frustrated.

Family is waiting for the boy
the boy to become a father
the boy to take up responsibility for the members
the boy to try and make ends meet even if it’s tedious.

Death is waiting for the boy
to give an account and show his fruits
to brag about something others boys could not do
Death is only an avenue for the boy’s accomplishment.

All the boy wants is to be free,
but the boy is a prisoner of the world
the world will not set the boy free
if he escapes, society sentences the boy as useful for nothing.

6. Dying Soilder.

When I saw your eyes the first day we resumed,
the sparkles it gave me was more than I presumed,
the love was clean, pure and was simple,
the sadness you took away was more than I assumed.

When we thought we fell in love with each other,
I was willing to enroll in the Navy to protect each cover,
of your skin before i go to war and come back later,
The dreams to come back to the university and marry my one and only lover.
all was planned until all went sour.

My dark friend asked you out you told him never,
He was cool,Shy and a stalker,
I thought he would steal you away but never,
the trust I had was all over my boarder.

So many distance between us made our relationship sour,
the three months break the union gave us made me sober,
when will I ever get to kiss you again?
when will I keep your sentiments at bay?

Coming back from the holidays you changed,
no more texts like how we use to play.
I miss the times you laid on my shoulder at the white park,
when will I ever make you jealous like when I escort your elder sister and never escort you back.

I remember When I held you by the waist,
you felt so comfortable you felt nothing or a shame,
when will you become a medicine to my pain?
when Will you ever try to be back in my window pane?

I shall enroll with all the broken heart,
I shall become the Soilder and protect my dying heart,
my system is failing anytime you come around,
my friends feel guilty anytime they take you out.

And now am just a dying Soilder,after the years of my misery,
Am at war with my emotions and dying quickly,
you broke my heart you showed me no sympathy,
oh my time is up,i will see you when you have an Epiphany.

7. Lamb of God

Lamb of God
Lamb of God
you took all our sins oh lamb of God
you came down from heaven like a sword
piercing through your skin for all our fault.

Lamb of God
Lamb of God
I know you freed us from the fault
one mention of your name is a call
A call for repentance and for love

Lamb of God
Lamb of God
We sin at the slightest mistake of all
we sin because we know you are the one
we sinners beg for forgiveness and freedom of our soul

Lamb of God
Lamb of God
Do answer us when we call at thou
dnt forsake us when we bear our cross
you promised to be there to comfort our flaws.

8. To the Girl I Love

Anytime I see your face in a picture,
my heart skips two beats like an epileptic seizure,
a disorder in my brain comes from the texture,
on how I imagine your skin so soft like my Literature.

Your name is a reflection of how beautiful you are,
mama did not lie when she gave you that name from her jar,
I had nightmares in two fortnights,
your appearance last night cleared them all like a twilight.

If I ever lie to you then am a liar,
what shall it profit me if I retire,
what will happen to me if am on fire,
I dnt know if it’s heaven or hell well , which your my desire?

I like your hair and those invincible dimples I see,
your skin without blemish, no pimples, beauty,
your looks, beautiful and so simple like your being,
your attitude, I am about to know if it’s possible, If you please.

Come and take this Nightmare away,
it’s so sick it’s taking my life for a waste,
if you are my drugs I’ll take overdose,
that’s the best way to go, in your hands am overdue.

9. Dying Soilder II

I keep Telling my friends about this unconsciously,
My mother who I never tell these things noticed a change in my dynasty,
My ammunition is gone am begging for amnesty,
the reputation I have is one that Worths your jealousy.

You moved on like something never happened before,
You Laugh at every joke in class like I never mattered at all,
The anger in my gens inspires my training in the Naval force,
I cannot talk to friends straight without mentioning your Honey pot.

My emotions is making me weak at times,
I talk to Matthew, Mark and Short Little Matthias,
Even the fat one knows about the things I aspire,
I can’t wait till the next morning to beat my time and Fire.

I pretend like everything is cool while it’s not,
I behave like am sane back in school and in the force,
I dnt know what my neighbor shall cook but i’ll Endorse,
am always pumped up to tell them my story when am drunk to a Pulp.

I shall not beg you to come into my life any more,
You keep posting pictures of other boys who we both know are not of your Wall,
I have Dora who cries anytime she sees me in my fall,
She does better at helping me correct my flaws.

Am still dying from the pain you created,
My Trainer keeps Picking on me as if I urinated,
it seems as if he hates me because am constipated,
am fed up because anger is more than I anticipated.

Peace and Matthew had a fun time last night,
I feel as if my system is breaking down because of a fight,
It’s breaking and it’s breaking into little kilobytes,
I pray that one day the Lord gets you out of his sight.

But it’s cool to feel numb most a times,
my sister said “it’s Good to be sad sometimes”,
my preacher says it is good to cry all the time,
it shows my human part and my passion for that thing inside.

Am still at my dying moment this Evening,
Fighting with my Emotions which is sickening,
I invoke the Trinity for my finishing,
I hope I see you in Hell after all your visiting.

10. Ali(Extended Rap version)

This is story of Little Ali,
Born in an inn,
Born in a Era of racism,
Because of his skin.

His father died when he was young,
when his life barely begun,
Americans killed his father,
when his father went out for war.

Ali’s Mum was barely 18,
Widowed to the brim,
She had to marry an American
and sustain within.

Ali then was barely a boy,
Beaten to his Skull,
Making it known to him,
he is just a toy.

Shelter was just by his grace,
sweat pants on his waist,
one disrespectful act,
kicked out in space.

Ali was already filed with Rage,
planning for the day,
he will save his ma,
from the snarls of the Cage.

When Ali was barely a man,
he wanted to be in a gang,
he wanted to be part of something
and to kill his Step Dad.

On the night to prove his worth,
the night his suffering began,
He is to shoot a policeman,
who is a father of Four.

Inspector James was the name,
a monster to the gang,
but this same monster was a father and truly a saint.

Ali had to spy on the man,
to time for the strike,
but seeing the children the man had, gave him a hell of a fight.

The way he loved them all,
reminded him of before.
his father would leave the house with kisses on his jaw.

Ali started to cry,
made up his mind,
Opting out of the gang was just for the pride.

But what Ali never knew,
was a thing of the moon
anyone who opt will surely be doomed.

On Friday night Was the day,
Ali’s Ma’s Birthday.
the gang had tracked him down,
down to his base.

The act had lead Ali away.
he sat on his Table,
with a rope to his chest,
rope to his leg,
rope on his waist,
had to watch the way,
they butchered his mum
starting from her beautiful skull down to her waist.

All of the pain,
kicked out on the street,
kicked out of rage,
had to end it all,
Rope to his neck
rope to the fan,
committing suicide was the thing and the best.

I am Surrounded by Alis’ in Makurdi.

11. Juvenile(Inspired by stories from Tife)

infatuation at first sight,
Hopes of happily ever after,
too many Disney’s expectations.

Shy smiles,
Holding of hands is a school crime,
everything will be okay with time,
Juvenile love.

First fight
feelings sour,
At 14 asking for relationship advice,
Starving myself because of a boy

Tempted to have my first kiss
shy smiles,
all our mutual friends are happy For us.

Feelings hopeful
Plans of raising a family
Thoughts so childish

New experience,
Different boys
freedom to have Fun,
legs spread,
Heart broken.

Final Year,
Had the best times with boys,
behaviours stick
temptation creep,
High school crush making waves.

The real world,
Expectations Sky high
no future partner
but this boy is a Gun,
University behaviors find their way in again.

gotten a ride
Nice apartment
Saved my boyfriend’s name as D-Boy

a nice ring to my finger
looking back at my past
laughing through the juvenile Period.

my female child going through the same,
confiding in me and and all I can say
It’s the “Juvenile period, be careful of your choices lay a better bed or you will lie on rough sheets”

12. World of Men

The lies of the traffic,
The World of the men
the cries that are tragic
the Love of the pen.

The Singing under influence,
The chatting over a beer
the Topic? always women
This is the world of men.

The light skinned one to the chubby one
the one who is the ladies catch,
the one who doesn’t want to get married
the song of a lonely heart.

The Fun in the Fridays,
the Fridays in the fun
the Walk on the beach under the sun
the play on words using pun.

The hustle of the Mondays,
trying to make ends meet
the power Tussel in the work place
it’s sour, but it’s something sweet.

The Hiding of feelings towards a woman.
the mocking when you cry over a broken heart,
the insults of “i told you is on the rampage”
that’s why the heart is on the wrong track.

The heart is broken Like shattered glass
no one to mend it for a penny wise
their is someone out there looking for you for your money,
they say we are the “Stingy” type.

The feelings for a fellow Man,
the reasons we are lost,
the Focus on the many attacks
that’s the “Why” we dnt Trust.

The Fear of dying First,
the fear she dies before us,
maybe the universe should bear with us, but it says:
welcome, we need the men of the world.

13. Emotions (Outro)

If I behave some what,
if I behave crazy,
if I behave stupid,
dnt Blame me blame my feelings.

If I talk crazy
if I act wavey
if a sing nicely
Blame it on the season

If I like sisters
but I end up with their brothers
Dnt Blame me,
blame it on the ladies that rejected me

If I prefer her or him Older
or I crave for a Fling
if the internet makes me lonely with the life I see,
Dnt Blame me,
Blame my Emotions.

P.S I need a girlfriend😀

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