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All the boy wants is to be free,
free from the pressure we see
free to choose coffee over tea
the boy wants to be free to feel.

The world is waiting for the boy,
the boy to grow to be a man
the boy to take over the world and control
the boy to become a gun and destroy

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But the boy doesn’t want to be heartless
the boy has to learn the laws of the world
the boy wants to be free to smell flowers
the boy wants to be free to build towers

The society is waiting for the Boy,
the boy to take his place in society
the boy must get ready to loose his
the boy must get ready to be frustrated.

Family is waiting for the boy
the boy to become a father
the boy to take up responsibility for the members
the boy to try and make ends meet even if it’s tedious.

Death is waiting for the boy
to give an account and show his fruits
to brag about something others boys could not do
Death is only an avenue for the boy’s accomplishment.

All the boy wants is to be free,
but the boy is a prisoner of the world
the world will not set the boy free
if he escapes, society sentences the boy as useful for nothing.

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  1. Ruddy this is exactly the reality of life u have expanded on here.
    I love the rhymes. This shows u really took out time to do this.
    Kudos to u my man.

  2. We have always been proud of you

  3. Hmmm…Transformation
    Keep up the good work bro

  4. Jamie,set awon black panther.
    As a friend,a brother and a number 1 fan,from the depth of my heart,I love you, your work,the lines communicates with my psychic all the time.
    Like I’ve always said,the world isn’t ready for you.

  5. Nice

  6. The boy will be free
    Nice piece, Ruddy

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